What a great evening we all had at our Annual Awards Evening last night at Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre. Even more fabulous awards than usual, supplied by RENAISSANCE ROSETTES AND RIBBONS

We would like to say a big thank you to the amazing donations we received for the raffle prizes:
Phil Armitage Equine Dentist, Instructors - Valerie HallCharlotte TarrantNikki Hawkins and Jewels StablesE.M.S Animal FeedsS P R CentreLRG PhotographyGaston Farm, Gaynor Cook, Prestwick Haylage & A.C.S Midhurst



Attendance                            Lottie Gammons

Helper of year                       Emma Fermor

Most motivated parent        The Cooks (Gaynor + Mike)

Most improved horse          Rose Liosin (Roshi)

Most improved rider           Amelia Fermor

Charlie Collins award           Dodger

Leafycroft stud

 Best M + M Pony                 Lara O’Brian ASHE

Tumblers                                Dani Sercombe

Perseverance                        Freddy von Rabenau

Perfect partners                   Julia Richards + Koala bear

ADRC Star of the Future      Abi Parks + Rose liosin

Pagan award

Best newcomer                     Emily Cook

Best sportsman                     Isabel Oliver

Martin Coote memorial trophy

Horsemanship                       Abbie Smith

Discipline awards


 Gymkhana overall champion Tracy Hodge

Under 8yrs Champion                         Cassie James

Under 8yrs reserve champion            Izzy Purser

3rd                                                           Imogen Sercombe

                                                                 Louis Sercombe

                                                                Robyn Sercombe

9-12yrs Champion                               Phoebe Harvey-mason

9-12yrs Reserve                                    Charlie Bowness

 3rd                                                          Amelia Fermor

4th                                                                                         Abi Parks

5th                                                           Alex O’Boyle

13-16yrs Champion                             Sophie Faulkner

13- 16yrs Reserve                                Alisha Howard

3rd                                                           Izzy Cartwright

4th                                                           Eden Davey

5th                                                           Emily Richardson

6th                                                           Emily Shippam

Senior                                                     Tracy Hodge

Reserve                                                  Carolyn Basham

3rd                                                           Abbey Davey

4th                                                                                         Dani Sercombe

Show jumping

Junior Champion                  Lottie Gammons

Junior Reserve                      Abi Parks

3rd                                                                 Amelia Fermor

4th                                           Phoebe Harvey-mason

5th                                                                 Lottie Best

6th                                           Isabel Oliver

Junior + Champion               Lucy Parks

Junior+ Reserve                    Sophie Faulkner/Eden Davey

3rd                                          Emily Ricardson

4th                                           Alisha Howard

Adult Champion                    Tracy Hodge

Adult reserve                         Carolyn Basham

3rd                                           Julia Richards


Adult Champion                    Carolyn Basham

Reserve champion                Julia Richards

3rd                                          Tracy Hodge

4th                                           Abbie Smith

5th                                           Freddy Von Rabenau

6th                                           Rachel Holmes/ Wendy Lutman Pauc

Junior Champion                  Lucy Parks

Reserve champion                Lara O’Brian

3rd                                           Abi Parks

                                                Izzy Purser

4th                                           Robyn Sercombe

5th                                           Amelia Fermor

6th                                           Imogen Sercombe

 ADRC 2017 CHAMPION Sophie Faulkner




AGM and Awards night 2016

Thank you to all that came to the AGM awards party and all our winners,look forward to seeing you next year and hopefully many new faces.
Big thank you to all our sponsors for the wonderful raffle prizes
Phil Armitage equine Dentist,Val Hall instructor,Lizzie Douglas Shiatsu shed,EMS feed supplies, Luke Gee LRG photograghy, Hannah Dore posh pups dog grooming,Egdcumbes roastery coffee shop,stockley trading,SPR,Renaissence rossettes & more.
Thank you to all the team of commitee that without their hard work none of this would happen  




                                                                               ADRC 2016 AGM WINNERS


ADRC 2016 CHAMPION Emily Richardson


Attendance Emily Shippam

Helper of year William Parks

Horseless rider  Julia Richards

Most motivated parent Sarah Richardson

Most improved horse Tallulah 

Most improved riderLottie Gammons

Charlie Collins award Biskit and Tracy Hodge

Leafycroft stud best M + M Pony Stepley Poppy and Emily Richardson

Tumblers Phoebe Harvey-mason

Perseverance Eden Davey

Perfect partners Josie Towns

ADRC Star of the Future Izzy Cartwright and Nellies dream

Pagan award- best newcomer Amber Barclay

Maisie may Rodney/Leafycroft double trouble

Iccarus trophy Danielle sercombe

Martin Coote memorial trophy best sportsman - Alisha Howard

Horsemanship - Danielle Sercombe

Discipline awards

Gymkhana overall champion Ashlyn Allman

Under 8yrs Champion Eva Deacon

Under 8yrs reserve champion Sophie Hand

8-12yrs Champion Abigail Parks

8-12yrs Reserve JosieTowns

13-16yrs Champion Ashlyn Allman

13- 16yrs Reserve Alisha Howard

Senior Jasmine Coote

Reserve Tracy Hodge

Show jumping

Junior Champion  Eden Davey

Junior Reserve Abi Parks

Junior + Champion Sophie Faulkner

Junior+ Reserve Emily Shippam

Adult Champion Carolyn Basham

Adult  reserve Tracy Hodge


Overall points champion Annabelle Harvey-mason

Junior Champion Annabelle Harvey-mason

Junior Reserve Amber Bolesworth

Senior Champion Gemma Bolincenco

Senior Reserve Abbey Davey




ADRC 2015 CHAMPION Emily Shippam


Attendance Emily Shippam

Helper of year Stephanie Price/ Lucy Parks

Horseless rider Marcelle Allman

Most motivated parent Mr Shippam

Most improved horse Rotherdale Delight (cariad)

Most improved rider Izzy Cartwright

Charlie Collins award California Girl ( Tallulah)

Leafycroft stud best M + M Pony Little Billy Bolesworth ( hykos Auturim)

Tumblers Abbey Davey

Perseverance Amelia Rishman

Perfect partners Toby Coe

ADRC Star of the Future Cassie James

Pagan award- best newcomer Sophie Medlock

Maisie may Tyler bean

Iccarus trophy Not Awarded

Discipline awards

Gymkhana overall champion ABIGAIL PARKS

Under 8yrs Champion Robyn Sercombe

Under 8yrs reserve champion Cassie James

8-12yrs Champion Abigail Parks

8-12yrs Reserve Eden Davey

13-16yrs Champion Alisha Howard

13- 16yrs Reserve Izzy Cartwright

Senior Jasmine Coote

Reserve Carolyn Basham

Show jumping

Junior Champion  Eden Davey

Junior Reserve Sophie Faulkner

Junior + Champion Ashlyn Allman

Junior+ Reserve Alisha Howard

Adult Carolyn Basham Adult Stephanie Price


Overall points champion Abi Parks

Junior Champion Abi Parks

Junior Reserve Emily Shippam

Senior Champion Vicky Parkinson

Senior Reserve Kelly Finch


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